Wooden Sentence Spoons

Wooden Sentence Spoons

Badger's Velvet wooden spoon is etched in south London with one of four epigrams.

Each spoon is 30cm long and despatched with a label printed with the source of the definition.

 A perfect gift.

a) All that's said in the kitchen should not be told in the hall -Scottish proverb

b) No one does down a cook and gets off Scot free - Menander, 3rd Century BC.(translation)

c) The cook was a good cook and as good cooks go, she went - Saki, 1904

d) Credence is vsed & tastynge for drede of poysenynge - Mayer Nominale, 1500.

Oil occasionally after use.

Length 30cm approx

Wood, like bone, should not be washed in a dishwasher. Clean with hot soapy water. 

After use, oil occasionally to keep a consistent finish.

Length 32cm approx