Unique Antique Fruit Knives. etched with Fructus, Vintage.
Vintage Fruit Knife etched with the latin for Fruit. Fructus.

Antique Fruit Knife.

This rare vintage fruit knife is a genuine antique 1 of 6 of this limited edition. 

It has been etched in South East London with FRUCTUS  fruit - Latin.

This collection of six knives was made in Sheffield, England in the mid 20th century when Sheffield was the heart of the steel industry and a hub for traditional cutlery workers. Exceptional designers such as Walker and Hall and David Mellor were based in the city and David Mellor is still making exceptional cutlery in Hathersage just outside the city.

As an ongoing product Badger's Velvet aims to source antique fruit spoons where possible, etch them in South East London adding them to it's collection of reclaimed products and rarities; A 21stC collectable modern classic.