handmade Bone Condiment Spoons, Jam, Marmalade, chutney
Bone bovine Jam Condiment Spoon. Long jam spoon.
Bone Marmalade Condiment Spoon. Handmade in UK.
handmade in Lancashire Bone Condiment Spoon for Jam, Marmalade & Chutneys
Bone Condiment Spoons

Bone Condiment Spoons

Badger's  Velvet ethically sourced bone spoons are cut and polished by hand in England

then etched in SE London.

Marmalade, Jam and Chutney spoons are available.

19cm in length the condiment spoons are long enough to fit  into most jars or pots without getting messy hands.

As with all traditional bone products they should be hand washed.

Visit the rarities section of our website to see vintage Victorian jam and marmalade jars that accompany this product.

Length 19cm
Bone Egg Spoon is listed separately.