Filth glycerine soap. Handmade soap. Made in Lancashire UK.
Dirty Soap
Dirty Filth glycerine soap
Dirty Filth glycerine soap in a box tied with string
Dirty glycerine soap branded with the word Filth.

Dirty Soap

Every block of Badger's Velvet Dirty Soap is hand branded using a metal stamp at our South London studio. It is then packed into a hand stamped recycled card box & secured with fine string. This process making each pack unique.

FILTH is available in 3 different scents. Red Rose, Lavander or Citrus Woods each block measures 65 x 65 x 19mm approx 7 weighs 125grms.

Badger's Velvet glycerine soap is made in the UK by Droyts, a Lancashire company which began life in Minsk before arriving in England in 1937. Droyts has been manufacturing soap since the mid 19thC.

 OCD branded Dirty Soap is available on request only.