Rolled Gold

 Rolled Gold.

(also known as gold filled)

Rolled gold was first created in England in the 19th century.

It is made by fusing thin sheets of 9ct or higher gold either side of a base metal, usually silver. The metals are heat bonded then rolled into flat sheets.

Rolled gold has around 100 times more gold content than gold plate jewellery and therefore the quality is much better. 

All Badger's Velvet rolled gold / gold-filled pieces have the same appearance as high carat gold and even with daily wear last a lifetime as seen in the re-purposing of many Victorian rolled gold pieces on our website.

Despite gold plated jewellery being more commonly known we do not use it as the lack of gold in its composition makes it far less durable, wearing off over time revealing the metal beneath.

Rolled gold does not wear off in this manner.