Bronze and silver chunky ring Badger's Velvet
Bronze and silver chunky ring Badger's Velvet

Chunky Silver and Bronze Sunburst Ring

Badger's Velvet bronze rings are beautiful and each is unique.

We purchased a collection of bronze buttons from a dealer in antiquities and are slowly creating one off pieces of jewellery from each.

The bronze button has the back shank removed and is then set into a silver bezel and mounted onto a chunky silver D band.

The Large sunburst bronze will eventually start to show through as the dark patina wears off as the ring is worn and exposed to everyday use.

It is hard to date each piece. but they are believed to have been made between the 17th and 18th century.

Size UK R, US 8 ¾ (internal diameter approx 17mm)

Bronze Diameter 21mm (approx)