Georgian Oblong Cut Steel Buckle Silver Necklace

Georgian Oblong Cut Steel Buckle Silver Necklace.

This fabulous Georgian Cut Steel oblong buckle has been transformed into a beautiful necklace.

It was once a belt buckle but by having the bar removed form the back and with addition of a silver belcher chain it is now a stunning contemporary necklace.

The refracted surface of cut steel was often known as poor man's diamonds and we have a number of necklaces available made from this fabulous antique material. 

Production of Cut Steel is thought to have begun in the 16th C. From 1750 decorative pieces began to appear, as "Stars for the nobility"  jewellery and hair adornments  among the designs and often combined with precious jewels . In the late 18thC a Birmingham manufacturer began major production creating cut steel shoe buckles to adorn the shoes of Georgian men and women. 

All Badger's Velvet jewellery is unique made using vintage pieces sourced acround the world then remodelled by our Oxford goldsmith or London silversmith creating beautiful contemporary pieces.